International street style artist, model and muse, Lily Gatins was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, an island nation known for arts and fashions saturated in vibrant colors. As a young girl, lily modeled briefly, but soon realized her true passion was in creating and styling. It wasn't until her beloved grandfather passed away and she was expected to wear all black, that she found her connection to the color. Lily says black feels almost like a protective second skin that gives her comfort and confidence.  Along a life path that has taken her around the world, she has perfected her own style: a mix of global cultures and the avant garde, often dominated by her favored black.

Lily loves to discover unknown and little-known designers and learn their histories, motivations, and inspirations. Following this pattern in each new place, led her to create her blog le report. It's also led to collaborations with other creative minds around the world who like to push the envelope to express themselves. In an effort to give confidence and encouragement to these individuals to continue creating and not succumb to the pressures of commercialism, lily lends her time and energy, curating new looks for herself from their collections. She then showcases those on the streets of fashion weeks and in editorial print. Photos from these can be seen in the gallery and press.

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